D&D 5e Character Builder Walkthrough12/31/2015

I figured a Character Builder walkthrough might be useful in case someone finds a part of it confusing. I will walk through a character build for an Elven Wizard.

  1. Navigate to the D&D 5e Character Builder/Generator
  2. Character Name.We click on the empty (scroll-colored) section below the title 'Name', which is highlighted in green. The line below should turn red to indicate we are editing the 'Name' field. We enter the name 'Adran Amakiir'
  3. Save.It's a good idea to save our character as we build it, so we click on the save button in the lower-right corner of the page, which is a big, round, red button with the image of a floppy disk on it.
  4. Image URL.We want a cool image of our Elven Wizard to show up in our PDF Character Sheet Exports and on the D&D 5e Character Details page. We go to Google and search for 'D&D 5e Elven Wizard', click on the 'High Elf Wizard' image, click the 'View image' button, right click the image and select 'Copy Image Address' (in Google Chrome, other browsers have similar options). We then navigate back to the D&D 5e Character Builder/Generator by navigating to the D&D 5e Character List, clicking on the entry for 'Adran Amakiir', which takes us to the D&D 5e Character Details page for Adran, and clicking on the edit button in the lower-right hand corner of the page . Now we can right-click and paste the URL into the 'Image URL' field. It should look like this wizard picture. We now click the save button in the lower-right corner of the page again and to verify that it worked, we click the 'VIEW' button at the top right of the Character Generator and verify that the image shows up on the character details page.
  5. Player.We click in the 'Player' input box, which should cause it to highlight in red at the bottom. We enter our player's name. I'm creating Adran for a player of mine named Bob, so I type 'Bob'
  6. Sex.We click on the dropdown-menu for 'Sex' and select 'Male'
  7. Age, Height, Weight.Since we can enter whatever we like here, we enter '226 years' for age, '5'9"' for height and '145 lbs' for weight.
  8. Race/Subrace.We click on the 'Race' menu and select 'Elf'. We then click on the 'Subrace' menu next to it and select 'High Elf'
  9. Alignment.We select 'Lawful Neutral' alignment.
  10. Classes/Levels.We select 'Wizard' for class 'School of Evocation' for subclass (arcane tradition), and 6 for level.
  11. Background.We select 'Sage' for background.
  12. Abilities.We want to follow the standard ability score rules outlined in the D&D 5e Basic Rules and in the Player's Handbook, so we leave the 'Rule Variant' as 'Random' (I could also do a point-buy--customizing ability scores variant--like that used by the 'Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer's League' or just free form the values if I had an existing character). The scores seem way too low so I, being the DM, use my discretion and click the 'RE-ROLL' button. The new scores seem good enough for the party I DM, so I keep those. The assignments of the different values seem okay, except that I want my highest score to be on intelligence. So I find the higest score under 'Base' and use the '^' and 'v' buttons to move it to be next to 'INT'. Given that Adran is 6th level, I have 2 ability score improvements (which is indicated by the 'Choose 2' under 'Level Bonus'). I want to add them both to intelligence, so I click twice on the '+' button in the 'INT' row and the 'Level Bonus' column. The red box under 'Level Bonus' should now show 'Choose 0'.
  13. Skills.The 'Skills' section shows 'Choose 2', indicating that we can choose two skills, given Adran's race, class, and background. The ones highlighted in the dark black text are ones available to select, so we select 'Arcana' and 'Insight'. The 'Skills' section header should now show 'Choose 0' to indicate we no longer have any choices left.
  14. Hit Points.The hit points seem a bit low so I enter a more reasonable value in the 'Hit Points' section (I will be adding a 'RE-ROLL' button shortly).
  15. Languages.I add the common language by clicking on the dropdown menu under 'Common' in the 'Languages' section and selecting 'Common'. I click the menu again and select 'Elvish'. Soon the application will automatically select languages according to the D&D 5e Basic Rules
  16. Tool Proficiencies.In a manner similar to 'Languages', I select 'Dragonchess Set' under 'Gaming set' in the 'Tool Proficiencies' section. I will soon implement automatic selection of tool proficiencies according to the D&D 5e Basic Rules or the tools specified by the class, race, or background created in the D&D 5e Class Builder, D&D 5e Race Builder, or D&D 5e Background Builder, respectively.
  17. Weapons.Adran uses a longsword +1, so we click the '+' button under the 'Melee' portion of the 'Weapons' section. This adds a new weapon, set to 'Club'. We click the dropdown and select 'Longsword'. Under 'Magical Bonus' we enter 1.
  18. Personality, Ideals, Bonds, Flaws.For personality we have a custom personality in mind so, in the input under 'Custom' in the 'Personality Traits' section we delete the current text and type the description of our custom personality. For ideals, bonds, and flaws we select one of the suggested values in dropdowns under the 'Suggested' portion of the 'Ideals', 'Bonds', and 'Flaws' sections, respectively.
  19. SpellsThe cantrips section says to 'Choose 4' so we click on the dropdown, select 'Fire Bolt', click on the dropdown again and select 'Mage Hand', and proceed to select 2 more. For 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level spells we select 5 of each in the same manner.
  20. Export to PDFWe click the save button in the lower-right corner of the page again and click the 'EXPORT PDF' button in the upper-right corner of the character generator. This should create and open a D&D 5e Character Sheet PDF containing our character build data. We then click 'File' > 'Save Page As...' and save as 'Adran.pdf'.